Virtual campus for administrators is intended for use by various administrators (UNI admins, OrgUnit Admins and UNIC Virtual Campus Admins). More about the roles can be found on the Roles page.

Figure 1. Home screen for administrator

To gain administrator’s access to The Virtual Campus Portal, following data must be send to the University computing centre:

Required data about organization (university):

  1. Name
  2. Type (University, Faculty,)
  3. DNS domain (e.g. for University of Zagreb is '')

Optional data about the organization:

  1. Phone number
  2. Website URL 
  3. Country
  4. Location
  5. Address 

All persons who will use the VC must be registered through the UNIC VC Portal. After someone registers as a University Admin (UNI Admin), it is necessary to send an email to the University computing Centre (from the corresponding address, to approve them as UNI Admin). Once approved, they will be able to approve other OrgUnit Admins. There can be multiple UNI admins per university in UNIC VC, but the University computing centre should confirm each one first.

Four different options associated with the administrator roles are visible on the page:

  • Person - where one can find information about...
  • Students - information about student cards as well as information about outgoing students
  • Courses - managing of the offered courses and incoming students
  • Joint Programmes - entering and editing a new joint program

More about each of those options can be found on the following pages:

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