The UNIC public portal gives a overview of all courses and joint programmes that are available through UNIC universities’ study programs.
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Titles on the page:


Figure 1. UNIC public portal

Currently, there are few available options through public portal:

  • Courses
  • Joint Programmes
  • Extra modules
  • Research outputs


After selecting the Courses option, there are number of available information:

  • courses name/name of the course,
  • courses description/description of the course,
  • value of ECTS points,
  • name of the higher education institution where the course is taught,
  • name of the superior university, and the
  • information on the ISECD code.

Figure 2. List of the courses


For more information about course, please select the plus sign.

Figure 3. Course details (Instances)

Joint Programmes

Besides the courses, there are few available joint programmes.

After selecting the Joint programs option, the following information is visible:

  • programme name
  • program level
  • Administrative Organization name
  • Administrative University name

Figure 4. Joint Programmes

Joint Programme - Courses

For more information about Joint Programme, please select the plus sign.

There are four type of information visible: name of joint programme, its description, ECTS point for programme and prerequisites that the student must meet in order to enrol.

Figure 5. Details of Joint Programmes

Extra modules

UNIC offers online language and information modules that provide an introduction to each university, city, and the official university languages: Basque, Croatian, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Irish, Spanish, Turkish. Whether student wants to prepare for a stay abroad or acquire a new skills in one of the UNIC languages – it can be done through the digital language modules for self-learning.

Extra modules which are currently offered are language models as is shown in Figure 6.

Figure 6. List of extra modules

For more information about specific extra module, student must choose desired module and follow the instructions (which vary for every module).

Research outputs

UNIC public portal allows student/teacher/etc. access to research outputs which are connected with Universities who are a part of the UNIC alliance. 

These research outputs are harvested from OpenAIRE Graph Dataset, which harvests the data from local universities' repositories. If any of the data presented is not correct, please make sure it is corrected in your local university repository, and the correct entry will propagated to OpenAIRE and consequently to  UNIC Virtual Campus.

Figure 7. List of research outputs

This option contains information such as: Original Title, Creators, Date of acceptance, Publisher and Type of work (currently it holds only publications but in future the catalogue will contain all of the science and professional papers which are linked with an UNIC alliance Universities).

For more information about specific work, student must choose option Details.

Figure 8. Details of a specific research output

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