The UNIC public portal gives a overview of all courses and joint programmes that are available through UNIC universities’ study programs.
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Titles on the page:

Figure 1. UNIC public portal

Currently, there are two available options through public portal:

  • Courses
  • Joint Programmes


After selecting the Courses option, there are number of available information:

  • courses name/name of the course,
  • courses description/description of the course,
  • value of ECTS points,
  • name of the higher education institution where the course is taught,
  • name of the superior university, and the
  • information on the ISECD code.

Figure 2. List of the courses

For more information about course, please select the plus sign.

Figure 3. Course details (Instances)

Joint Programmes

Besides the courses, there are few available joint programmes.

After selecting the Joint programs option, the following information is visible:

  • programme name
  • program level
  • Administrative Organization name
  • Administrative University name

Figure 4. Joint Programmes

Joint Programme - Courses

For more information about Joint Programme, please select the plus sign.

There are four type of information visible: name of joint programme, its description, ECTS point for programme and prerequisites that the student must meet in order to enrol.

Figure 5. Details of Joint Programmes

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